Stretch Sessions

First session is 15 minutes for $30


Here at Pilates Glow we have certified Pilates teachers who have over 600 hours of training that are stretching you in all your tight areas.  Do you have a tight back when you wake up, after sitting at work all day or after working out? Do you have scoliosis, tight legs or rounded shoulders? We can help you feel less tight than you do during the day and help to relieve any pain you might have with that.

Maybe your high schooler or college student plays a sport that they want to perform at their best in.  Stretching will benefit them with their agility and power. 


We are hands on during your session so you will get the most out of your time. You let us know your issues and we will do our very best to accommodate you. We will have you feeling better when you leave than when you came in.  

One Time Sessions

Single 15 minute stretch

Single 25 minute stretch



Member Packages 

5 - 15 minute stretch

5 - 25 minute stretch