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Pilates Glow 
Mat Certification

Finally, a program made just for you!


This 100-hour Mat Teacher Training Program will prepare you for success as a Certified Mat Pilates Instructor. You will have amazing mentors to guide you through your journey in becoming the best instructor! 

All Encompassing Training

We will cover all the mat exercises from
Pre-Pilates to Advanced. These will also include wall, weights and magic circle.

Mentorship and Continued Support

Your mentors will guide you through your training and answer questions you may have. You will have a lifetime access to this.


Training Materials

You will receive a manual covering Pre-Pilates through Advanced exercises.  You will also receive useful tools to use on your Pilates journey.


Pilates Glow has flexible training hours during the week. Train around your schedule. The Program is designed to complete in 3 months.




+ Full Mat Pilates Training

Start your Pilates Teaching Journey and apply today!

Teacher Training Dates


2024 Dates

Saturday March 9th, 16th, 23rd

9 am - 4 pm

Pilates Training FAQs

What is included in the Training?

100 hours of study. 3 Saturdays of training, totaling 18 hours. Basic anatomy. Basic stretching techniques. Comprehensive understanding of all the exercises. Mentorship with Sarah Martin and the Pilates Glow Team. Opportunity to teach clients right away and start building your client book. Constructive feedback on verbal cueing and hands-on spotting. Access to infrared sauna and showers. 20% off classes and privates at the studio during the training. Bi-weekly meetings and classes. Full access to the studio. Welcome tote bag with notebooks, books, a manual and pens. You will be sought after by other Pilates studios.

What is the cost of the training?

The Pilates Mat Teacher Training Program is $1700. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to enroll in the program.

We also offer a payment plan for 3 months after the deposit is made at $450/month.

A card or bank account must be kept on file for the installment payments.

What if I cannot make it to a training date?

If you miss any of the dates for the training modules, you will have to make it up at your own discretion. You are allowed to come observe subsequent modules at a later date for a fee of $100 per day. It is your responsibility to make up for any lost time you are not at your group’s training modules. There will also be a recording available to watch online with a passcode. 

When should I test out of the modules?

Only test out when you are ready and feel confident you know the material. The test out day is going to be held 3 months after the first training and then another one 6 months out from the initial training dates. If you fail your 90-minute test you will have to wait 2 weeks before taking it again, in which you will be charged a re-testing fee of $150. So please make sure you are ready to take your test before booking.

Are there any other costs?

Testing out of each of the program is $175.

10 mat classes (At 20% off).
You will have to purchase Pilates Teacher Liability Insurance once you have finished the program. (It is usually no more than $150/year.)

How many hours a week do I need to come to the studio?

We recommend you come to the studio to work on your hours at least 5 hours a week. The training is 3 months so coming 5 hours a week is suggested. If you are having a bad week, maybe you won't even have time to come to the studio. But you can always come more or less if you have to. Try to stay as consistent as possible so you can finish the training in a timely manner and start building your clientele. 

Can I do this training after work or on the weekends?

Yes, there will be time to come and do your training hours when you can fit them in. That is why this training is so great, because you will be able to make it around your schedule. If you still have a full time job but looking to add this in or change careers, this is so flexible!

Can I do any of this training from home?

Yes. You will be allowed to do some hours at home. If it is an online class or with a teacher, it will need to be pre-approved by Sarah. 

What will the 100 hours of training look like? 

30 hours of Personal Practice 

35 hours of Observation 

35 hours of Teaching 

*These hours do not include the teacher training dates.

Are there any pre-requisites?

Yes, you should have at least 10 mat classes under your belt before you join the training. 

Can I talk with Sarah before making my decision?

Yes, please email us at to setup your Pilates Training call.

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