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What to look for in a Pilates Mentor.

Are you interested in furthering your Pilates knowledge but not sure where to start? There are so many Pilates studios and teachers everywhere it can be overwhelming. I know some teachers who did their training online or at a satellite studio without the support of a mentor. A Pilates mentor is so vital to your teacher training and becoming the best teacher possible.

The one thing that your mentor should be is encouraging and empowering. If your mentor is distant and not giving you the attention, you need that should be a red flag. Your training should come as number one for you and your mentor. Your Pilates mentor should be encouraging you every step of the way and guiding you to become an amazing teacher.

The second attribute you should look for in a Pilates mentor is their breath of knowledge. You should also make sure that you like their teaching style. A mentor should also be consistently training on their own. If your teacher is not constantly learning or desiring to improve then it’s hard for you to do the same.

Business coaching is also immensely important when starting a new career. Going through a teacher training should give you knowledge on the exercises and the equipment but what about the business side of your Pilates career? A good mentor should give you the foundation to not only be a great teacher but also know how to build your business and your confidence to be able to go out and get clients and jobs.

The next thing you should look for in a Pilates mentor is someone who can be available to you. This doesn’t mean they should be on call every day and night, but they should be easily accessible and around when you need them. A mentor should hold consistent meetings and be at the studio to observe you teaching and give you constant feedback and constructive criticism. If your mentor cannot be available to you when you need them then how can you learn?

Some mentors tend to hold back some knowledge for themselves and that is not going to benefit you. At Pilates Glow our mentor, Sarah, does bi-weekly apprentice meetings to check in with trainees and ensure that all their questions are being answered. Trainees tend to have questions about their clients they are teaching or a certain exercise that they don’t quite understand. Those meetings are for all your questions to be answered. Sarah also trains the apprentices in a weekly group class to evaluate how they are understanding exercises in their own bodies.

If you want to start your Pilates Career with Pilates Glow, please reach out and schedule a 15-minute consultation call with Sarah about your future dreams. We would love to assist you in building your best career yet!

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