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Duet Sessions

These 2-person lessons are going to give you that extra help to learn Pilates on the equipment. You will learn how to strengthen your core and better your posture. These lessons are developed to accommodate your level with someone at the same level and where you are at in your Pilates Journey. We can always set you up in a duet lesson as well. Let us know if you would like more information.


Private Pilates Sessions

These one on one, or two on one, 50-minute sessions are to help you with your personal imbalances.  We tailor the session to your individual needs that day. Whether you have a spinal abnormality like scoliosis, a replaced knee or hip, or just a really tight back, we can help you become the best version of yourself without getting hurt. You will leave your session feeling better than ever and wanting more.  Read our testimonials page to get a sense of what our clients are saying about us!   


Trio Sessions

These sessions of 3 people will move synchronously through the exercises. You will be partnered up with two other people who are at a similar level to you or you can call to make a class for you and 2 friends. 

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