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Client Spotlight: Cheryl

Have you ever taken Pilates or talked to someone who has? Well if you are thinking of starting your Pilates journey read this interview of one of our very own students, Cheryl. She has been coming to Pilates for about a year now. Some concerns that new clients might have about starting Pilates are answered in the interview as well.

Here we have Stephanie who interviewed Cheryl for the studio's client spotlight. They sat down on the benches at the front of the studio where Stephanie began asking Cheryl questions.

Stephanie: What is your favorite Pilates exercise?

Cheryl: Rolling Like a Ball.

S: Why?

C: I don’t know, it seems like it could be hard but its easy. Its one of the ones I mastered quickly so maybe that’s why I like it.

S: Which is your least favorite?

C: Circles.

S: Single leg circles?

C: Yes!

S: Why did you first decide to give Pilates a try?

C: Because I’m by no means an exercise person. I don’t hike, bike, walk, nothing and so I needed to do something. I had lower back problems and had read so much about how [Pilates] is really helpful for core strengthening. I had been through six months of PT and was getting tired of that so this is where I am.

S: How long ago was that?

C: Last year, about this time. Around Thanksgiving of last year.

S: And is Pilates Glow where you started?

C: Yes.

S: What makes you keep coming back?

C: Well I love Sarah so that’s really the draw but its just really nice here, peaceful, safe and quiet.

S: How have you noticed your body change/overall health improve since starting your Pilates practice?

C: I’m stronger, taller. I think I’ve gotten fatter.

Sarah: Hey! [giggles]

C: I know, I said to Tom last night I said “I think I’m fatter.” [giggles] But that’s not from Pilates. It’s because I eat a lot of dessert. [giggles]

S: What advice would you give to someone considering starting Pilates?

C: It’s so much fun. As hard as [exercise] is, [Pilates] is easy. You know, it’s not too hard so you just keep coming back. It’s just enough challenge to keep you wanting to do more.

S: I agree! Thank you, Cheryl.

Cheryl and Sarah

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