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Whether you are looking to change careers, enter the fitness industry, or increase your knowledge of plates, taking a classical Pilates teacher training course can be a life‐changing career move. There sure are hundreds of Pilates studios around you. However, these days it is quite difficult to find a decent classical Pilates studio. So, if you are considering turning your passion for Pilates into a career, Pilates Glow can help you achieve your goal.

Why Classical Pilates Teacher Training?

Pilates now has different variations. But it was all based on Joseph Pilates’ fundamental classical Pilates moves. Contemporary and club Pilates are gradually developed based on the needs of people of all ages and ability levels. However, classical Pilates teacher training is the best to prepare you to better understand all types of exercises and teach clients the best approach.

All Pilates Starts Here

There are tons of ways to become a Pilates instructor. Different hybrid and fusion‐inspired techniques and Pilates teacher training online courses can take you into the fitness field. But only the classical Pilates teacher training introduces you to the original work of Joseph Pilates and the primary technique, and methods created by him. Once you are familiar with the foundation of Pilates, then you can choose which forms you want to work on next.

In classical Pilates teacher training, you will learn every exercise and variation of Pilates created by Joseph Pilates. That's why it is an ideal choice for those who want to pursue the career of a Pilates instructor.

So, if you are looking for the best Pilates teacher training in NYC, give Pilates Glow a try. You will not only master the basics of classical Pilates, but you will also learn how to teach, how to challenge, and how to truly inspire your clients.

For any queries, don’t hesitate to call on 914‐630‐4594.

Start with classical Pilates and keep it real!

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