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Mindset: The True Power Of Pilates

People tend to think of Pilates as a workout. And it is. But it's different than a regular personal training session at the gym. It's a lot more than that because what you learn at a Pilates studio can carryover and continue into everyday life. Yes, Pilates is a series of exercises similar to weight training, but these exercises arise out of a mindset, a philosophy of how the body moves and operates. This philosophy and mindset, which are essentially teachings an experience instructor can convey, can and should be applied outside of the studio to create a more healthy and strong life.

A huge part of Pilates is focus. This means understanding how your body moves and the positions it needs to be in while performing the exercises. Rounding the back. Tightening the abs. Aligning the shoulders. All of these are tenets of Pilates that need you need to be consciously aware of at all times. It was from this philosophy from which all of the exercises were born. 

But the ways in which that philosophy can be applied doesn't stop once you leave the studio. All these things can be focused on and practiced during mundane tasks and everyday life. Picking up something off the floor. Sitting at the dinner table. Carrying something heavy. The philosophy of Pilates can be applied to any one of these things. And that's the true power the method. It's not just the exercises performed within the studio but also an entire mindset that can be utilized on a daily basis. Doing so will help create the physical fitness that can permeate all aspects of your life.

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