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My least favorite Pilates exercise

Here I am teaching one of my clients the infamous elephant on the reformer.

Do you have a certain exercise in Pilates that when the teacher says it you kind of cringe? Well that’s how I feel when elephant is uttered. Elephant. Ugh. Here we go. My spine doesn’t want to be flexible enough to round and my abs aren't strong enough to hold me there in my scoop. It’s just a mess. At least that’s how I feel.

It’s all a work in progress. But during elephant I get so discouraged, just on that one little exercise. I completely forget about all the hard work that I’ve been putting in every week and how strong I’ve been in my teasers (which used to be impossible especially after my third cesarean). I make noises, huffing, puffing, and grrrr-ing. All in the name of Pilates.

There are a couple other exercises that I can name that are not my favorite like swimming and double leg kicks. I feel like the exercises that we don't like are the ones that we need the most. That is what I like to tell my clients. When my clients go “ugh, I hate that one,” I tell them, then let’s do it more because these are the ones you need. What we avoid in Pilates is what is usually difficult and that means we need more practice of. So what is the one exercise that you avoid the most or cringe at the sheer utterance of the word? Please share in the comments.

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