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My Pilates journey

As soon as I was introduced to Pilates I fell in love and I haven't looked back. It's been a relatively short journey for me, but seeds of what made Pilates so important have actually been a part of my life for a while.

It all started when I was home from college. I started to get this intense back pain that would just not go away for several days. When I finally went to the doctor they took x-rays and called me a couple days later to give me the news. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and told to "be careful". Be careful about what? I had no idea what he meant and he did not give me any other information except to go to physical therapy.

The physical therapist did some core strengthening excerises with me be that was about it. I don't remember the therapist ever giving me any homework to do while I was at school. My pain did subside for a little while but it eventually came back.

After I moved to New York I found a local gym in the area and began to take yoga classes. I wound up changing gyms and going to one in Connecticut, The Edge. I started taking personal training sessions with a trainer named Jade, who is still there. I loved my weekly sessions with him and really looked forward to waking up early in the morning to get there with enough time to get an hour of cardio in before my session.

After taking yoga classes for awhile I became interested in teaching. In one month over the summer I took a month of intensive training and earned a certifification in Vinyasa, prenatal, and restorative yoga. My passion for yoga never took me into a full fledge yoga career but it did start my mind and body connection.

Meanwhile, I was offered a free Pilates training session as part of my membership at the Edge. After one session I instantly fell in love. The private Pilates sessions were just what I needed to help me engage my core and protect my back. The cardio, personal training, and Pilates all worked so well together. I did that for a couple of years non stop and my back pain never returned.

I took my private sessions with Leslie Gluck. She was finishing her training at the Art of Control in Purchase, NY while working at The Edge. Leslie suggested I join the Pilates teacher training program there as well. Being newly pregnant at the time with my first child, I thought that she was crazy. Besides, I never thought of myself becoming a fitness instructor.

Fast forward again two years. The Edge was looking to hire more Pilates instructors and this time I decided to go for it. I signed up at the Art of Control in Purchase, NY. I initially applied to just the Mat portion of the training, but the day before the training decided to just go for the whole apparatus training instead. It was an intensive two years, but I loved every single minute of it, working straight through my second pregnancy.

Soon after I finished my training I had an opportunity to open a Pilates studio of my own. I jumped on it! This was my 5-10 year goal but I am so grateful to have this fall into my lap so early on in my Pilates career. In the last 5 years I have found a special love for not just Pilates but the people I've met along the way. I love how Pilates is not just a workout but it is helping to change people's perspectives on their own bodies.

So that's how I got into Pilates and it has changed my life in more ways than one. I see myself always incorporating Pilates into my life and helping others find an appreciation for it in their own.

Until next time.

Here I am teaching double leg stretch to a client with the magic circle.

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