Here at Pilates Glow, we physically transform each client into a more healthier, vibrant person.

Pilates Glow
an Authentic Classical Pilates studio

Our mission at Pilates Glow is to keep you committed to see your growth through consistency that builds towards strength and stability. We teach Pilates with a kindness and warmth that makes it accessible to everyone.

Why is Pilates Glow the right fit for you?

Pilates Glow is a great place to start your Pilates journey! Here at Pilates Glow we help everyone of all shapes, sizes, injuries and pain levels. We work with patients post-op following knee/hip replacements, spinal fusions and a wide range of skeletal pathologies such as scoliosis and osteoporosis. Pilates is a unique method of body conditioning that combines stretching and strengthening exercises. It strengthens and tones muscles, improves posture, increases flexibility and balance, and improves your concentration. Our instructors here are all trained with over 600+ hours and we continue our education every year, gaining more knowledge in our profession.    


We have small group classes, privates, duet, and trio sessions. We also offer infrared sauna sessions and we have showers.

Come get your GLOW

Here at Pilates Glow we love meeting new clients that we can teach our passion of Pilates to. We recommend anyone who has never done Pilates before to come in for a private session (50 minutes of one-on-one) before joining a class.  This is to ensure that you understand the exercises and the equipment that you will be using and how to make any modifications if you have an injury or instability.  Just with any workout, it takes some time to learn the moves and become familiar with the machines.  We do recommend that you come in at least two times a week so that you can notice all your hard work paying off.  You will see and feel the benefits within a couple of sessions. 

New to Pilates

3 Private Sessions


*new clients only


One on One

You will get specified instruction to help challenge you and make you feeling better when you leave.



Our small group/semi-private classes have 4 - 6 people in them, giving you personalized attention.


New Clients

Looking to begin your Pilates journey?  Here is where you can get a great start.

What our clients are saying

"Sarah Martin has been my Pilates instructor since the winter 2014.  With her instruction I have progressed from the intermediate Pilates to advanced.  In the fall of 2015 I had a double knee replacement.  After my recovery I returned to Sarah’s Pilates studio and continued my workouts.   Over the past two years my core strength and my fitness has continued to improve.  Sarah has been  cognizant of my knees before and after my replacement. She was able to make adaptations for my situation and we have been able to continue to progress rapidly as my knees healed.   Now it is as if I never had bad knees and my fitness and form has never better." - Gail T., Scarsdale, NY

"I am a beginner in Pilates, had done a few mat classes before and then I found Pilates Glow, and I absolutely love it. It’s been so amazing for my strength, flexibility, muscle tone and posture. It’s an art but such a great work out at the same time. I walk out of the studio feeling longer and leaner, like i am walking on a cloud. It has made me so much more aware of my posture and my daily movement, and it’s also great for the mind. Sarah is a fantastic teacher, so talented in the craft and can talk you through the most difficult of movements whilst knowing your limitations. It’s such fun, you have to give it a try!!" - Kate A., Harrison, NY