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Welcome to the vibrant world of Pilates Glow! We're absolutely thrilled to welcome you aboard and embark on this exciting fitness journey together. Your path to strength, balance, and well-being starts right here at Pilates Glow.

Arrive fashionably on time for your 50-minute session. No need to rush in early—we've got everything covered!
Enjoy your session to the fullest knowing that thorough equipment cleaning follows each class.
Our private bathrooms are exclusively for our fabulous clients, ensuring a comfortable and personalized experience.
Keep things sanitized with our conveniently located hand sanitizing stations.

Personal Touches & Essentials:

Hydrate with your favorite beverage in hand—bring your own water bottle.
Slip into ultimate comfort with sticky socks, available for purchase at the studio.
Convenient payment options include Zelle (914-630-4594) and credit card.

Cancellation Policy (Because Life Happens!):

A gentle reminder: For private sessions, we kindly ask for a 24-hour heads-up if plans change. This helps us keep things running smoothly and supports everyone's journey.
We're here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions or just want to say hello, give us a ring at 914-630-4594.

If you are doing a drop in visit, the cancellation policy is 12-hour before the class starts, otherwise the full amount will be charged. Membership clients have 1 hour before the class starts to cancel without extra charges.


Class Policy: *edited

Please make it a priority to arrive on time for your scheduled class. Your punctuality not only sets a positive tone for the session but also contributes to the safety and well-being of everyone involved. In the spirit of maintaining a safe environment, we have a 5-minute grace period for late arrivals. However, if you're more than 5 minutes late, we regret to inform you that joining the class will not be possible, and the class will be forfeited. Additionally, it's crucial to understand that instructors cannot solely focus on late arrivals without compromising the attention and guidance provided to the members who arrived on time. This not only impacts the latecomer's experience but also poses a potential risk to others in the class who are diligently following the instructor's cues.

Inclement Weather:

In the event of inclement weather, Pilates Glow emphasizes the safety of clients and staff by proactively communicating any studio closures due to adverse conditions such as snowstorms. If the studio is closed, scheduled Pilates lessons for that day will be canceled without affecting client packages. The studio is committed to notifying clients promptly through various communication channels, including email, phone calls, or social media. Additionally, clients will be informed about the status of scheduled activities during adverse weather conditions to ensure transparency and minimize inconvenience. The studio prioritizes client safety and satisfaction and encourages contact for any further questions or concerns.

Hope to see you shining bright at Pilates Glow!

Warm regards,

The Pilates Glow Team

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