Meet the Team

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Sarah Martin
Owner/Principal Teacher

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Lisa F.
Pilates Teacher


Sarah began her fitness career in 2010 at YogaWorks where she became a Certified Yoga Instructor. Shortly after, she was introduced to Pilates and fell in love. She saw the benefits of Pilates through her pregnancies and in 2014, she received her Pilates certification from Simona Cipriani at The Art and Science of Contrology. Simona is a Second Generation Pilates Instructor who studied extensively with Romana Kryzanowska. Sarah has had the privilege to study with many world-renowned teachers including MeJo Wiggin, Blossom Leilani Crawford, Inelia Garcia, Brett Howard, Kathi Ross-Nash and Katie Yip covering extensive and comprehensive work on all apparatus. She continued her education of Scoliosis and Spine Abnormalities with Sonje Mayo, a physical therapist and dancer who worked directly with Joseph Pilates at Martha Graham School in NYC.

Sarah founded Pilates Glow in Westchester, New York in 2015 with a clear understanding and ability to execute Classical Pilates focusing on coordination of body, mind and spirit as taught by Joseph Pilates. She believes that Pilates is for everyone, all bodies and all abilities. Her vast and diverse clientele will attest to her technical eye and understanding of anatomy allowing them to reach their best potential.


Enticed by the graceful, physical demands of Pilates, Lisa Frey initially pursued the method to cross-train and gain core strength. A former dance student and avid fitness buff, she trained with Simona Cipriani at the Art of Control® to further her understanding of the Classical Pilates system. Fully certified in 2015, Lisa teaches both private clients and group mat classes. To her, helping clients discover improved body mechanics and a greater sense of well-being is immensely gratifying.


Heather received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2005 from Stony Brook University and has been a Physical Therapist at the Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in White Plains, NY for about 15 years. She loves running and has ran several Marathons, as well as completed several Ultra-Marathons. Heather practiced Pilates on and off for a couple of years, but last year she dedicated herself to furthering her own practice and it has now become a part of her life. Still an avid runner, Heather incorporates Pilates into her own personal training to stay strong and help prevent injuries. Heather is a certified Pilates Instructor, but she wanted more, and is now currently enrolled in a 600 hour Classical Pilates program to further her own knowledge and help her clients achieve their goals.

Heather M.
Pilates Teacher


Leah F.
Pilates Teacher

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Barrie W.
Studio Manager


Leah Finkelstein has always been passionate about fitness and living a healthy, active lifestyle. She completed her yoga teacher training in 2006 at Saraswatti's Yoga Joint and is a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. When back issues started to interfere with many activities, Leah began to do Pilates on a regular basis and quickly became devoted to the classical methodology. She believes that Pilates has kept her back healthy, strong, and pain-free and is excited to bring the benefits of Pilates to all her students.
Leah received her full certification from the Art and Science of Contrology Pilates Instructor Training Program, under the direction of Second-Generation Master Teacher Simona Cipriani.


Barrie was introduced to Classical Pilates in 2003 in Northern California after her first son was born. She started with early morning workouts at a studio she found within walking distance of her home and quickly felt the profound impact of pilates. At that time, she was finishing her graduate degree at The California Culinary Academy and focused on her work as a personal chef. After moving her family to New Jersey on what would become her first of three bi-coastal moves, she continued her practice with Second Generation Teacher, Karen Schoenberger at The Movement Place and then a few years later with Junghee Won at Chakra in San Diego. Junghee created the first teacher training at The Pilates Studio in New York City with Romana Kryzanowska. Barrie has settled in New York where she is grateful to have trained at Pilates Glow with founder and Principal Teacher, Sarah Martin. When she’s not in the studio or working on her practice, she is out enjoying the outdoors.


Stephanie Younes is a comprehensively certified, classical Pilates instructor. Ithaca College communications graduate and former NYC marketing professional, she began her training through The Pilates Center’s teacher training program at North Carolina host studio, InsideOut Body Therapies. After recovering from an injury and moving with her family back to New York, she completed her training at Equinox, where she continues to teach today. A past RI All-State gymnast and coach, Stephanie loves the full-body strength, flexibility and challenge Pilates delivers and helping her clients heal and grow. Due to her childhood scoliosis diagnosis, she is particularly drawn to the postural support that is a hallmark of the method. She lives with her husband and two daughters in Harrison.

Stephanie Y.
Pilates Teacher

Teacher Training Apprentices

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Jodie is looking forward to completing the instructor training offered here at Pilates Glow. Whilst learning from Sarah, Jodie hopes to help deepen the appreciation clients have for this beautiful, welcoming studio. And, to introduce Pilates to newcomers and help make it their new favorite workout! Jodie’s desire to teach arises a recognition that anyone can learn and benefit from this type of resistance exercise wherein the quality of your movement, not quantity, is most important. Jodie views Pilates as a fun and challenging way to strengthen and tone muscles, improve balance and flexibility, and clear your mind!

Jodie H.


Chloe A.

Chloe moved to Harrison, NY from the UK in 2010. She lives with her husband, youngest son and their dog, with her eldest son now living back in the UK. Chloe has always been very much into fitness; she did gymnastics and tap dancing in her younger years, then later on Chloe did running and squash, and more recently various fitness classes at the gym such as HIIT, spin and circuit training. She also loves to ski and has started to learn tennis. Chloe has always been drawn to the higher impact, faster paced types of fitness and was never a great fan of pilates, having tried it just a few times. Only in the last year and after suffering from various aches and pains in her back and shoulders, Chloe started doing pilates on a regular basis and totally fell in love with it. Not only does she feel better in her body (her aches and pains have vanished). Chloe also loves that she can feel herself getting stronger each time she takes a class. She's also noticing the mental benefits of doing Pilates in that she can completely switch off from whatever is going on in her life and just concentrate on the movements and breathing in that moment. Now that Chloe is completely converted and loves Pilates, she decided it would be so rewarding to be able to teach it to other people so that they too can enjoy these amazing benefits!

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Sarah V.

Sarah started taking Pilates classes at the JCC in Scarsdale in 2002 when she dropped her son off at preschool and there wasn’t enough time to go home and be back in time to pick him up. Over the years she's become increasingly interested in fitness and exercise. Sarah is a member of a gym, works out regularly and takes a number of different classes. Her goto and favorite classes have always been the Pilates classes. Sarah feels her body responds well to Pilates, it’s helped her work on her core strength, flexibility, stamina and balance and in turn many of her aches and pains have been significantly improved. Having taken many Pilates classes over the years and feeling the benefits to her health, mind, body and overall well being, Sarah felt the next step should be to become a Pilates instructor and help other people reap the same benefits she has.