Caroline W., Harrison


Where to start with how great Sarah is....well let’s start at the beginning. I moved to Harrison a year ago having recently lost my husband from a tough journey with ALS. I hadn’t worked out in years and wanted to try something new that was grounding, strengthening and empowering. Sarah provided all of that. Her humor, her deep knowledge of the human anatomy and pure love of Pilates grabbed me immediately and I’ve been doing privates twice a week since I started. I still have some weight to shake but I’m stronger, more flexible and look forward to every work out. Can’t say enough about her and Pilates Glow. 

Anne K., Suffern

I was first introduced to Pilates when a co-worker told me his wife taught Pilates. I thought this was only on the west coast. I soon became hooked on this new form of exercise. I spent the next few years working with Kathy Ross Nash who has made a very successful career out of teaching and promoting Pilates.
Due to a job change I was forced to leave Kathy and I started working with a Pilates instructor at one of the larger gyms in the area. There was no comparison to the type of training I received and the benefits were diminishing over time.
Most recently, I started training with Sarah at Pilates Glow. Wow, what a great experience. This only confirms that you really need to work with someone who has excellent training and can pass this along to the client. Most notably are the benefits that I have received. Over the past few years I have experienced difficulty with movement in my neck. Sarah’s knowledge and ability to design a program that takes into consideration my weak areas, has strengthen and helped with increase mobility.
As one can imagine, feeling better, decreased pain and increased mobility is all it takes to continue with Pilates. I also am excited to know that Pilates is forever. I can foresee doing this even in my 80s!!!

Gail T., Scarsdale

Sarah Martin has been my Pilates instructor since the winter 2014.  With her instruction I have progressed from the intermediate Pilates to advanced.  In the fall of 2015 I had a double knee replacement.  After my recovery I returned to Sarah’s Pilates studio and continued my workouts.   Over the past two years my core strength and my fitness has continued to improve.  Sarah has been  cognizant of my knees before and after my replacement. She was able to make adaptations for my situation and we have been able to continue to progress rapidly as my knees healed.   Now it is as if I never had bad knees and my fitness and form has never better. 

Kate A., Harrison

I am a beginner in Pilates, had done a few mat classes before I found Pilates Glow, and I absolutely love it. It’s been so amazing for my strength, flexibility, muscle tone and posture. It’s an art but such a great work out at the same time. I walk out of the studio feeling longer and leaner, like i am walking on a cloud. It has made me so much more aware of my posture and my daily movement, and it’s also great for the mind. Sarah is a fantastic teacher, so talented in the craft and can talk you through the most difficult of movements whilst knowing your limitations. It’s such fun, you have to give it a try!! 

Melissa K., Harrison

Working with Sarah I feel like my posture is better, my core is stronger and I have flexibility that I didn't think was possible.   I did not realize how much I was slouching during the day - driving, standing in line, or even sitting mainly due to a slight curvature in my spine.  While I do still catch myself slouching – I now notice it and correct it – before Pilates I never noticed.


I walk out of every session feeling like I am standing straighter and have more stability – which is important as balance and stability  tends to wain as we age.   


Working with Sarah has strengthened and toned my entire body and the level of instruction is excellent.

Pearl S., Scarsdale


Sarah's love and enthusiasm for Pilates shines through in every session.  For a "non exerciser" Pilates has made a big difference. I feel stronger and taller after each session.  I appreciate that Sarah organizes the sessions with routines that support my particular issues.  Although the work is hard, Sarah makes the sesion really enjoyable. 

Ellyn K., Scarsdale


I started working with Sarah several years ago after having 2 spinal fusions.  I was told that due to the severe disc degeneratve disease and spinal stenosis I would need more surgery in the near future.  Sarah brings her passion for Pilates and her expertise in creating the appropriate workout to each session.  I am beyond grateful to Sarah for her knowledge and understanding of my spine and as a result of working with Sarah 2x per week I have totally stabilized my back and I have not had any pain.  Her dedication has helped me to achieve my goals as I have eliminated the need for further medical intervention.

Liz B., Scarsdale


 I have been doing pilates at various studios and with different instructors for many years. The last few years I have been training with Sarah Martin at Pilates Glow in Harrison. She is far and away the best instructor I have ever worked with. She knows just how much to push me to optimize my work out, but she also incorporates stretching so that when I leave, I feel like I have been to the spa! I call Wednesdays my "spa day." The studio is beautiful and clean, with state of the art equipment, and everyone is friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend pilates for strength and toning, and in particular, Sarah Martin and Pilates Glow.