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Where to start with how great Sarah is....well let’s start at the beginning. I moved to Harrison a year ago having recently lost my husband from a tough journey with ALS. I hadn’t worked out in years and wanted to try something new that was grounding, strengthening and empowering. Sarah provided all of that. Her humor, her deep knowledge of the human anatomy and pure love of Pilates grabbed me immediately and I’ve been doing privates twice a week since I started. I still have some weight to shake but I’m stronger, more flexible and look forward to every work out. Can’t say enough about her and Pilates Glow. 

Caroline A

Sarah is a wonderful person and outstanding Pilates instructor. She is kind, patient, and generous with her time. She is very aware of her clients' body mechanics and injuries and adjusts each lesson accordingly. She tailors the stretches and exercises to fit exactly what each client’s body needs. She even has made videos for me to help me remember exactly what and how to do my homework exercises. Sarah is always upbeat and makes each lesson very enjoyable. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Denise G

Sarah Martin has been my Pilates instructor since the winter 2014.  With her instruction I have progressed from the intermediate Pilates to advanced.  In the fall of 2015 I had a double knee replacement.  After my recovery I returned to Sarah’s Pilates studio and continued my workouts.   Over the past two years my core strength and my fitness has continued to improve.  Sarah has been  cognizant of my knees before and after my replacement. She was able to make adaptations for my situation and we have been able to continue to progress rapidly as my knees healed.   Now it is as if I never had bad knees and my fitness and form has never better. 

Gail T

 I have been doing pilates at various studios and with different instructors for many years. The last few years I have been training with Sarah Martin at Pilates Glow in Harrison. She is far and away the best instructor I have ever worked with. She knows just how much to push me to optimize my work out, but she also incorporates stretching so that when I leave, I feel like I have been to the spa! I call Wednesdays my "spa day." The studio is beautiful and clean, with state of the art equipment, and everyone is friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend pilates for strength and toning, and in particular, Sarah Martin and Pilates Glow. 

Liz B

While I don’t like exercising, I do want a strong and healthy body. So I’m thrilled that doing Pilates with Sara is as enjoyable as it is beneficial. This is a find!!

Linda G

Sarah and her team at Pilates glow are wonderful. Sarah is an incredible teacher who addresses all your issues. Every session is different, it’s always challenging and fun.

Marie M

Sarah and her associates are just outstanding. Personalized instruction gauged to your level of Pilates experience (in my case, none prior), fitness and mindful of any physical issues. Great workout and I feel more flexibleand in better balance afterwards and I’ve developed better core strength than from conventional weight training. Highly, highly recommend.

Mike B

Sarah and team are wonderful instructors who were so kind and patient with me as I recovered from a c-section and diastasis rectii this past fall. Their depth of experience and expertise with classical Pilates as well as their empathetic approach to my needs in our weekly sessions had a tremendous impact on my rehabilitation. I strongly recommend Sarah and team to anyone of any fitness level, they are incredible!

Meredith B

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