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Appendicitis and a Teacher Training

It's a busy time of year being a Pilates studio owner. The warmer weather is here in New York and it brings people out of their homes and into the studio. They start coming back from their winter homes more south. There tends to be a big influx of new clients and past clients coming back up North. So we have a lot more work behind the scenes, which tends to fall by the way side a little because of all the new people coming in. We have more teaching hours but not enough hours left to get all the other work done. Like writing emails, social media marketing, cleaning, etc.

With that being said, it has been a particularly challenging time for me and my family. My youngest son had abdominal pain a week ago and I thought it was just a pulled muscle. He wasn't in that much pain and not complaining a whole lot. I didn't think that much of it. Once I finally got him to the doctor, it was something more serious; appendicitis. So after a five night stay in the children's hospital in Valhalla, NY and moving the schedule at the studio around a lot so that I could be with him and my husband could be at home with our other two kids. It was a lot for me emotionally and physically. I was exhausted. But I still want to be there for our clients and the studio.

He ultimately had to get a drain put in his appendix to rid the infection and put on IV antibiotics and pain medicine. He was doing much better after two days or so, getting up from his bed and going to the kid's playroom. It was setup like a preschool room, so he enjoyed going there when he wasn't napping. Then last Monday he was finally allowed to go home. The removed his drain pretty quickly from his bedside which had him anxious, especially for a four year old. But he is such a brave little guy. I am so proud of him. He did miss his brother and sister a lot, but they did visit for dinner one night so he could see them, even if it was just in the lobby. David was finally home.

Then the following weekend, which just passed, I had my full comprehensive teacher training start. Talk about not getting a break. The teacher training went so well though which is a weight off my shoulders. I definitely had butterflies in my belly because it is my first training. I want everyone to succeed and finish the program in a timely manner so that they can start teaching out there in the world. I will talk more on that in the next post.

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