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How to Navigate in Mindbody

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Adding Availability & Clients

Before you add clients to your schedule, it's essential to first ensure that you've set your availability. Follow these steps to add your availability before scheduling clients. Once that's done, proceed to add the client.

1- Click on the (+) button on the upper right corner

2- Click on "Add Availability" button

3- Select your name under the staff list

4- Choose between a single or ongoing date 

5- Choose the preferred time

6- Make sure that "shows to public" is on

7- Click on "Book Appointment"

8- Search for the client name

9- Select the type of appointment (remember that free friends and family is only booked by the instructors)

10- Select the staff and the time you will teach the client

11- Turn on the "send confirmation email" button

12- Click on "Book"

Early Canceling Clients 

1- In the schedule page, choose the client that you want to cancel

2- Click on the client's name (in this case we are canceling "TestTest")

3- Click on the garbage can button (lower right corner)

4- Click on early cancel

5- Make sure that the auto email button is on

6- All done! Your client will be notified and their package will remain the same.

Early cancel appointments occur when clients notify that they won't be attending at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time. This type of cancellation doesn't deduct any sessions from the client's package.

Late Canceling Clients 

Clients who cancel their appointments with less than 24 hours' notice are considered as "late-canceling clients." For these clients, one lesson will be deducted from their package. Alternatively, for clients who pay as they go, their credit card on file will be charged. As an instructor, you should not worry about clients contesting this. We do have a policy and all of our clients get emailed in every appointment reminding them about the policy.

To "late cancel" an appointment, you first have to check out the client's service for the day.

1- Click on the client's name, in this case "Test Test"

2- Click on "Checkout" button, and you will see a message saying that the payment was applied

3- Click on the garbage bin button

4- Select the "Late Cancel" button

5- The email confirmation for late cancel is optional

6- The client is out of the schedule and with one deducted lesson from their package.

Changing Class Instructor

1- Choose the class that will be unable to attend

2- Click on the (...) button on the upper right corner, just below the (+) button

3- Click on "Substitute Teacher" button

4- Choose the instructor that will replace you

5- Click on "Substitute Teacher" button again

* Obs: if you did not find anyone to substitute you, follow the same steps but click on "Cancel Class" button.

If you're unable to attend your class and have arranged for a substitute teacher to take your place, follow these steps to add the new teacher.

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